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Termite Inspection

Just did a termite inspection on a house that new owners are buying and look what I found.

Termites Swarming

Termites started swarming early this year.

Mosquito Season is here.

Mosquitoes go through four stages in their life-cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Adult females lay their eggs in standing water, which can be a lake, a puddle, a natural reservoir on a plant, or an artificial water container such as a plastic bucket or bird bath. The first three stages are aquatic and last 5–14 days, depending on the species and the ambient temperature; eggs hatch to become larvae, then pupae. The adult mosquito emerges from the pupa as it floats at the water surface. Adults live for 4–8 weeks.

Crazy weather in the Carolinas

Crazy weather here in the Carolinas. One day 38 degrees the next day in the 70's. This sure does confuse the bugs. If you are having a problem from ants to mice give us a call.
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It's Mice Season Again!

Mice Treatment for your house.


Mosquitoes are back!
A hungry Mosquito.With such a warm winter Mosquitoes are already showing up. Pest Pros offers a one time special event service to treat for out door weddings,etc. or seasonal mosquito service to fit your budget and take back your yard.
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Mice Season Again.

Cold weather runs the mice in your home this time of year. At Pest Pros we can help. If you are having a mouse problem give us a call at (704) 877-3571
A mouse in your house.

Termite Swarm Season

The difference between a Termite vs. Ant.
Termite swarm season is here. This is when a mature termite colony is getting ready to reproduce to start new termite colonies. Swarming is triggered by environmental condition when temperatures get into the 70's and sometimes after a rain storm. You could either see winged termites in the hundreds or thousands and in some cases you will find discarded wings around you window sills. You can also sometimes find mud tubes or swarm castles coming out of your walls or woodwork in and on your home.

Mice Season is here.

Mouse picture, Got mice
Getting a lot of mice calls due to the cold weather this winter. If you are having a mouse problem give us a call we can help.